Monday, June 2, 2014

Dina Wakely's New Mixed Media Line :)

Dina Wakely has a new line of delicious paints, brushes, stamps and stencils and they are simply FABULOUS!   The bold and vibrant paint colours of her new Heavy Body Acrylic Paint line are simply inspiring ... you must go over and check out her BLOG hop and all the cool and motivational projects the artists on her blog hop are coming up with. 

I had an awesome opportunity where I had to go into Dawn's new location of the Fabulous - The Inked Stampers Scrapbook and Mixed Media Boutique to pay for an upcoming class and get some supplies and I immediately fell in love with all the new Dina Wakely Line.  Of course being me I wanted to pick a few things up - I have never worked with Heavy Body Acrylics before and her colours caught my eye as they are beautiful bright.  

As I was unpacking all of my goodies in my creative space I became inspired, unpacking my new paints, stamps and stencils and then I unwrapped my new Dina Wakely Brush and I took a look at the cardboard back to the packing and an inspiration light went off in my head.  :)  It was perfect, I would create a quick project using that backing - and so I did.  Covered the piece with gesso front and back and the project I did used a bit of all the goodies I bought.  

The back of the packaging of the brush - Awesome already has a hole in it to hang.  ;)  

Gesso-ed the front and back 

My finished piece 

Dina's new Mixed Media line is sensational - looking forward to doing many projects that showcase the beautiful colours and products she put together.  Just awesome!

Sherri :)

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