Monday, June 2, 2014

Document Life Project - Weeks 10-12

We are already on Week 23 in our planners - almost to the half year point!  Wahhoo it has been such an amazing experience and I am loving it ~ I spend so much time creating lately that I am a bit behind on my blogging and not sure when this will change ha ha.  Sitting at work today and it is a quiet one so thought I would quickly post a few more pictures of the week.

This Document Lift Project Planner has been one of my favourite activities this year - I love that it has kept me feeling creative, I love seeing all the amazing and inspiring work - and seeing the love of the DLP community on Facebook and Instagram, it has been a lovely experience.  The group of men and women who are involved with this Project have gone over 8,000 members - from all around the world.  Amazing ...

We have been so busy doing outside work that I had a period of about 3 weeks where I could not work in my planner, and on top of that I was a bit behind in a couple weeks to finish up ha ha - but happy to say that there are no strict deadlines and push so everyone can work at their own pace and you never feel like it is an impossible task to keep up ... as well as I have not finished some things and go back constantly to work in my little planner and feel quite comfortable making this little project all about what I WANT it to BE!  LOVING IT!

And when I say little planner ha ha - not quite ... before I even got to my weeks I was behind on my planner looked like this:
It is getting so thick and lovely ... not sure if it will make the year though without me splitting the binding and rebinding it. (I see that a bunch of people who are using the moleskin have already done so successfully so even though the thought scares me ha ha I think it will be an option soon)  - it is already a bit of a juggle to work on the left side (date side) of the book as the thickness makes is a bit of a challenge.  :)

Okay here is a few more weeks of pictures of challenges done or in progress:

WEEK 10 - What makes you YOU? 
Truly I was a bit stuck on this week for the actual journalling of what makes me ME.  I ended up focusing on making my pages ... still going back and adding touches to the week - so not finished yet.

I decided to use one of my Christy Tomlinson Stencils - Scarlet Lime that I thought was cool and funky and I also spent some time incorporating a kind of Terri Kahrs - Pringle Hill Studios kind of back ground - using watercolour pencils and a baby wipe. 


During this time I was for the first time playing with my Gelli Plate and doing some gelli plate printing - this challenge was a result from that playing.  :)

WEEK 12 - Cut up a MAGAZINE
I had a lot of fun with this week ... since then the weather was still cold and snowy I decided I needed some colour and flowers in my layout ... lots of colours ;)

I did the back ground by using my pan watercolours ... saturating my brush with colour and then just swaying on to the page to kind of give the effect of water. Took out my xyron once again - haven't used that since I use to scrapbook and then had a great time cutting circles out of a flower seed magazine.  The froggies were from a Telus ad in a magazine - yeah who knew Telus could be helpful ha ha ;)  Even used strips run through my xyron to separate the days of the week.  Loved how beautiful and vibrant this challenge turned out.

 Hope you enjoyed your peak into these pages :) 
Sherri   :)

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