Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Documented Life Project - Weeks 19-21

Ok almost getting caught up on my posting for the awesome Documented Life Project Planner
I know I keep repeating this (as I imagine I will all year round ha ha) but I am so pleased that I decided to jump in and do this project - along with the other 8,100 plus thousand men and women from around the world.  It has kept my creative mojo in kick start ... I am finding I can incorporate other classes and art experiences I have learned - some I haven't used for years.  :)  And continues to keep my creative edge sharp and hungry(?) for want of a better word.  I am finding it is opening up the need to get other projects off the ground, or try new ones!  Love Love Love it!  :)

 Week 19 - Document a Random Act of Kindness from you

As I started my Danielle Donaldson's awesome - Creative Girl - Land of the Light and Shadows online course during this time, I did one of the projects so I could put it in my journal.  :)
 I wanted to place it face front in the week that I finished it and it fell on our RAK week, so what to do?  At first I was going to write on it but then I decided I really did not want to do that so instead I did my challenge page on the inside of the tip in page.   

I did a pocket on the Challenge page so that I could write a private note to place inside - the flowers I used on the pages were actual flower pictures I took of my garden last year.  I love taking pictures of growing things.  :)  So that made this page even more special.  Used a couple quotes on kindness and a whole bunch of little pictures documenting the week and I was done.  :)

Week 20 - Use a Rubber Stamp in a New way
I do have a lot - and I say that mildly ha ha - of rubber stamps - well stamps period - think I am kind of addicted to buying stamps just don't use them enough!  And seriously how the heck to display them so I would use them more - this is something I constantly search for ideas on.  So if you find any cool ones please pass my way haha.  :)

But when I came to this challenge I decided I wanted to "stamp in a new way" versus using a stamp - an idea came to me right away so I knew I needed to go with my gut.  So I pulled some of these chipboard pieces I had and decided to maybe try to use paint and stamp. 

Well it was definitely a messy messy way to express myself ha ha, but I had fun and though it didn't give me as clear an image that I wanted - I was pretty pleased with the effect.  :)
As this was a week where I had a lot of pictures I wanted to use I knew that most of my art work would be covered in the end, so I took a picture BEFORE I finished up :) 

Week 21 -  Add embroidery or embroidery floss to your page - no floss? use thread.
This idea too came to me rather quickly so I needed to go with it ... I had received a beautiful creative gift from my friend Michelle and she did a cute little felt stitched purse and it inspired me to want to do some flowers and use embroidery floss - so an idea took shape.

In our watercolour class Danielle says what a good tool instagram is sometimes to take picture as you work through a project, it certainly was in this case.  When I looked at this picture in the light of the day the next morning after I had posted it  - I realized I had put my little center of french knots on the wrong side of the bottom flower!!!  ha ha Stuck out in this picture!  Thank goodness I found it before I put the very strong two sided tape to stick it to the page ;)  this way I just cut the french knots off and redid them.  Thank goodness for wanting to post a cool close up right?!!!

There is always a lot of discussion about the Moleskin planners thinner pages and what to do with them - I love how this watercolour background on these pages turned out, so soft and almost water like - what I did with these pages is first applied some white gesso with an old gift card and then I used my pan watercolours and did not worry about the amount of water on the pages.  Yes - the pages had a slightly wrinkled look but I don't mind that in my planner. 

thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed taking a boo at these weeks in my planner.
Sherri :)

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