Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Addiction?

Kelsey may laugh (a bit evil like haha) that yes the gals have definitely introduced me to a new addiction with FACEBOOK - therefore here I am spending more time on the computer. Well it is a nice avenue to connect with people that aren't as interested in my scrappy blog haha, and old and new friends - so yes I gave in hee hee.

Okay I am off to actually do some scrapbooking this morning, yesterday I was so very busy running around - errands and my ds and I took a whole packed full SUV to the recycling, actually a SUV and a half haha - cuz after we were finished going to the bottle depot we slipped over to work and loaded up all the old phone books we had set aside in an empty office and recycled those too. It was a good day felt great to get all that out of my place, where I try to do my best and recycle - I don't often get rid of what I recycle enough and it builds up, have to take the stuff more often - I mean it is right on the way to or from work, how easy is that haha.

Kay off to play and do some more decluttering around the house.
Have a fabulous Sunday my friends, and an even better week!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The end of April fast approaching ......

Oh my I can't believe it is the already almost the end of April - where is time flying - I ask you. Life has settled down into more of a hum drum routine of late (actually enjoying that - the last 7 - 8 months was a little too much of a stressed out ride for me) so not a lot to write in my blog about.

I did go to that Simply Suppers Event last week with my mom - totally enjoyed it once again. I can't stress enough how thankful I am to my friend Kiera for introducing me to this supper entree concept - it has certainly changed the eating habits of our little household, and renews my interest in actually preparing meals every time. I am already registered and have all my meals picked out for next month!

On the scrapbooking front I really haven't made any headway of yet - last weekend I was all pumped to get at it, and I sat down and started organizing a few things in my scrap room and poof - between that and regular chores the weekend was gone. It did feel good to start getting my creative space organized, I know that has been one of my biggest hold backs on getting anything done - so I am quite happy to focus on this for the near future, lots to do yet. I did sit down last night and made a close friend a birthday card for her 40th bday coming up next week, I was just going to send her a store bought one, but as at the moment this is all I could really afford to do for her - I felt I should at least sit and make her a nice card. I was really pleased with the finished product. At work right now but will post it to this post when I get home later.

I got my taxes all done and all Net filed the other night - man that is a big big weight off my shoulders, and did them all by myself this year which is a huge accomplishment. :-)

Going to help a friend and her little guy get moved this weekend - have hogtied my son into helping as well, need some muscle haha cuz that definitely won't be me.

In the scrapping world - well next weekend will be a big weekend - there are free crops and online crops etc to get busy with on National Scrapbooking day / weekend - I hope to be involved in some of them. I also have my son's big tournament that weekend, so that really takes precedent and then we will see what I can fit in from there.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous Hump day haha I always think that is such a silly word for today haha - have to go over to Renee's blog and see if she posted some hotties for today! ;-)

Take care

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kay got tagged so I will play :-)

Okay now as I am kinda new to the blogging world and only blog back and forth with a few of you I am going to try this anyway, and maybe add some new people to my blogging friend regulars!

Okay copying the rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog post about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! Okay here goes:

1. I have become a simply suppers fanatic.

2. I use to hate the color pink growing up and now I love it (course that may be too that I have some adorable nieces that I scrapbook now :-)

3. I detest washing dishes - one of my least favorite household chores.

4. I love the game roller coaster tycoon - and if I start playing it I can waste hours before my son kicks me off the computer or my stomach growls from hunger or thirst.

5. I am addicted to corn nuts - seriously - will send my son out into a snow storm to get me some if a craving hits haha - well now he is too old to budge off the couch hee hee.

6. My theme song would be Bitch by Meredith Brooks - if I am having a bad day I hunt it down and play it nice and loud, sing it loud and dance around with a broom or something (haha can't believe I am admitting that) and soon feel better.

7. I am a sucker for someone who says they love me.

Man it is amazing how hard it is to think about facts about yourself - need to do some more about me pages haha.

Okay I would like to tag - Laura, Tammy, Kelsey, Anam, Renee M., Lynn, and Anna -

Hope you all have a fabulous day my friends!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

it's only Tuesday?

haha I could use another weekend right now :-) Women's show went fine - lots of people and it was fun helping introduce Kelly's new business to interested ladies.

Tomorrow night looking forward to attending the Simply Suppers event tomorrow night with my mother - she is finding it to be a good idea for her and her honey as well. There is only the two of them and they both work full time so the whole ready to cook entree idea is working for them as well. It's good that it is tomorrow - I am pretty well out except for my slow cooker meals, and as I have been a bit under the weather lately (sore back, upset stomach) we are eating out more than we should. So it will be good to have some things in the freezer again to stop that trend haha.

Looking forward to going home and watching some Gilmore Girls tonight - one of my fave shows - get a little house stuff done and maybe be able to pull out some scrapping stuff, or do some more organizing in my scraproom. Something along the creative line. :-)

Hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And the week is going ....

So nice to see the sun shine today - yipee - and they are forecasting nicer weather ahead, lovely - looking forward to the sun and getting spring on it's way. I have gotten myself back into a bit of scrapbooking of late, sure feels good - working on a swap for a group I am in, and a few ideas a churning for some future layouts. It is surprising how the creative side of you can really make life a bit easier to deal with, and how much it brightens my day!

Have the Women's Show this weekend, helping out my friend Kelly ( ) - so I hope to also be able to take a good stroll around and see a bit of the show.

Next week is not only one of my sister's B-day's (I hope one day that we can spend our birthdays together, that would be so much fun) but I am also going for another evening of Simply Suppers ( )- more great meals in the freezer. Really looking forward to that as well, it has been a real palate saver around our house haha - and have been trying out so many different dishes that I normally wouldn't make and now have put on our menus. I even went out the other day and bought some different spices, ones I haven't used before - so our little menu has been spiced up haha.

Oh it feels so so so good to see the sun, does make me wish though that I was at home - tackling one of the many jobs I need to do - and being able to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in the house. In time :-)

Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday here we come .....

Well got my vehicle in this morning and it is getting fixed as I type this :-) then life goes on yep yep. Didn't get much scrapbooking done this weekend, but I sat and organized some pictures and got myself more ready, now I need to clear some room on my scrapbooking table and get at it. Think I am going to start with all the unfinished layouts I have floating around, and work from there :-) Looking forward to it, and looking forward to this week being a good one and full of life!!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely easter weekend -

Thursday, April 5, 2007


it's Thursday - half way through the day - so to be free for the four day weekend - I am so so so so looking forward to it.

Hope you all have an awesome, safe and happy long weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Only Wednedsay - you sure?

haha man seems like it has been a long long week already this week -

On Monday when I went to watch my ds handball game at the school, I foolishly stuck my purse under the front seat of the vehicle, someone was obviously watching me. So my back window was smashed and my purse stolen - a bit of a hard lesson to learn - and not one I needed in life right now but on we go right?! For the most part I have replaced or notified who I need to, my window has yet to be fixed but that will happen.

I am amazed at how often this has happened to others, especially exactly the same way - I suppose there are groups that prey on all sorts of different situations we just need to pick up and go on.

I am so looking forward to the long long weekend, and one of the four days I am going to dedicate most of one of the days to doing some scrapbooking - some old, some new, just immerse myself in my favorite past time and feel good about life. I am looking forward to kick starting some creativity and spending some time going through pictures of the things I cherish in life, just gives you a boost in life that is for sure. :-)

So on we go for the week .... it can only get better.
And my wish to all is stay safe, stay healthy and give someone you care for a big hug today - you just never know they may be needing it even more than yourself!

Monday, April 2, 2007

And so we start another week .........

Monday - back at work blah haha - and the weather is absolutely crappy today - cold blowing snow bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr would be a good day to be at home in my jammies and fiddling with scrapping stuff. Ah well we need to put in the time so we can do the crime hee hee - and so looking forward to the 4 day weekend coming up - I am going to devote one day of it to scrapping - really looking forward to that.

My son has games a couple times this week for handball, so looking forward to catching a couple of them, I really enjoy handball. It is fast paced the games go by quickly and there is action from the first whistle. Awesome my kind of sport.

Besides that I plug away at all the household duties I want to dig into this month, a little at a time. Going have to sit down and write up a list or schedule though, I may work better with some direction.

Do you work better with a schedule or a list? I would love to know.
Have a fabulous day all!