Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Only Wednedsay - you sure?

haha man seems like it has been a long long week already this week -

On Monday when I went to watch my ds handball game at the school, I foolishly stuck my purse under the front seat of the vehicle, someone was obviously watching me. So my back window was smashed and my purse stolen - a bit of a hard lesson to learn - and not one I needed in life right now but on we go right?! For the most part I have replaced or notified who I need to, my window has yet to be fixed but that will happen.

I am amazed at how often this has happened to others, especially exactly the same way - I suppose there are groups that prey on all sorts of different situations we just need to pick up and go on.

I am so looking forward to the long long weekend, and one of the four days I am going to dedicate most of one of the days to doing some scrapbooking - some old, some new, just immerse myself in my favorite past time and feel good about life. I am looking forward to kick starting some creativity and spending some time going through pictures of the things I cherish in life, just gives you a boost in life that is for sure. :-)

So on we go for the week .... it can only get better.
And my wish to all is stay safe, stay healthy and give someone you care for a big hug today - you just never know they may be needing it even more than yourself!

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Laura said...

Again Sherri, I am soooo sorry to hear about the purse stealing/window smashing event that took place earlier this week. I hope by now, you've been able to get most, if not all things taken care of. Glad to hear you are finding some good things to focus us on. Take care.