Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The end of April fast approaching ......

Oh my I can't believe it is the already almost the end of April - where is time flying - I ask you. Life has settled down into more of a hum drum routine of late (actually enjoying that - the last 7 - 8 months was a little too much of a stressed out ride for me) so not a lot to write in my blog about.

I did go to that Simply Suppers Event last week with my mom - totally enjoyed it once again. I can't stress enough how thankful I am to my friend Kiera for introducing me to this supper entree concept - it has certainly changed the eating habits of our little household, and renews my interest in actually preparing meals every time. I am already registered and have all my meals picked out for next month!

On the scrapbooking front I really haven't made any headway of yet - last weekend I was all pumped to get at it, and I sat down and started organizing a few things in my scrap room and poof - between that and regular chores the weekend was gone. It did feel good to start getting my creative space organized, I know that has been one of my biggest hold backs on getting anything done - so I am quite happy to focus on this for the near future, lots to do yet. I did sit down last night and made a close friend a birthday card for her 40th bday coming up next week, I was just going to send her a store bought one, but as at the moment this is all I could really afford to do for her - I felt I should at least sit and make her a nice card. I was really pleased with the finished product. At work right now but will post it to this post when I get home later.

I got my taxes all done and all Net filed the other night - man that is a big big weight off my shoulders, and did them all by myself this year which is a huge accomplishment. :-)

Going to help a friend and her little guy get moved this weekend - have hogtied my son into helping as well, need some muscle haha cuz that definitely won't be me.

In the scrapping world - well next weekend will be a big weekend - there are free crops and online crops etc to get busy with on National Scrapbooking day / weekend - I hope to be involved in some of them. I also have my son's big tournament that weekend, so that really takes precedent and then we will see what I can fit in from there.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous Hump day haha I always think that is such a silly word for today haha - have to go over to Renee's blog and see if she posted some hotties for today! ;-)

Take care


Laura said...

Hey Sherri...getting organized does feel good doesn't it!! I still have more to do in other parts of my house but I did manage to get my scraspace done. It's helping me to be creative too...pop on over to my blog to see some of my latest stuff!! Glad things have settled down, that too makes a big difference! Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Kelsey_N said...

Hey Sher, the Edmonton Scrappers group I joined is a group on Facebook - if you have a profile on there you can join. I just went to Networks & searched for scrapbooking & it came up.

Are you going to make it to the May 5 scrapalicious? Or is that the weekend your "muscle" is at his tournament?

Hope you have a great rest of the week & that your "hump day" went well!