Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Addiction?

Kelsey may laugh (a bit evil like haha) that yes the gals have definitely introduced me to a new addiction with FACEBOOK - therefore here I am spending more time on the computer. Well it is a nice avenue to connect with people that aren't as interested in my scrappy blog haha, and old and new friends - so yes I gave in hee hee.

Okay I am off to actually do some scrapbooking this morning, yesterday I was so very busy running around - errands and my ds and I took a whole packed full SUV to the recycling, actually a SUV and a half haha - cuz after we were finished going to the bottle depot we slipped over to work and loaded up all the old phone books we had set aside in an empty office and recycled those too. It was a good day felt great to get all that out of my place, where I try to do my best and recycle - I don't often get rid of what I recycle enough and it builds up, have to take the stuff more often - I mean it is right on the way to or from work, how easy is that haha.

Kay off to play and do some more decluttering around the house.
Have a fabulous Sunday my friends, and an even better week!


Kelsey_N said...

Good morning Sherri!
... I mean hahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!

Sounds like you had a good productive day yesterday!!

Hope you get some scrapbooking done today!

Bye for now!

Laura said...

you did it...? I won't ask if you like it as I did just read your!! I still haven't and don't know if I will...time will tell!
Did ya get some scrappin done? I did a bit, but mostly am getting ready for my retreat this weekend for national scrapbook day.
Have a great week Sherri!

Anna Sigríður said...

That is some productive day you had girl! So you are hooked on facebook too - LOL I have my hands full with University, my blog, my scrapping and just my life. So I am keeping clear of FACEBOOK.
Have a great week!