Monday, April 2, 2007

And so we start another week .........

Monday - back at work blah haha - and the weather is absolutely crappy today - cold blowing snow bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr would be a good day to be at home in my jammies and fiddling with scrapping stuff. Ah well we need to put in the time so we can do the crime hee hee - and so looking forward to the 4 day weekend coming up - I am going to devote one day of it to scrapping - really looking forward to that.

My son has games a couple times this week for handball, so looking forward to catching a couple of them, I really enjoy handball. It is fast paced the games go by quickly and there is action from the first whistle. Awesome my kind of sport.

Besides that I plug away at all the household duties I want to dig into this month, a little at a time. Going have to sit down and write up a list or schedule though, I may work better with some direction.

Do you work better with a schedule or a list? I would love to know.
Have a fabulous day all!

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Laura said...

Happy Monday Sherri-even though the weather makes me wish it was the weekend so I could curl up and snuggle under a blanket to stay warm!! Have a great week, continued luck with the cleaning/purging but make sure you allow time for you to have fun too. Enjoy the scrappin' during your 4 day weekend!
Oh ya, for me, I like having a list for household stuff. Makes me feel like I am accomplishing stuff if I can actually see it getting crossed off the list.