Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday ramblings .....

Well I worked the Mom, Pop and Tots Fair last weekend - it was a very different experience working a trade fair, and I have come down with a horrid head cold to boot! Sitting here at work, trying to stay awake, cuz I have to take so much medication not to sneeze my head off, and dull the pain of my very sore nose haha. Rudolph is back! So feeling pretty crappy, but it was good to help my friend Kelly promote her new business, her traveling scrapbook store - her big cube van attracted alot of attention on the fair floor, just because people wanted to know what it was.

I am so happy that the retreat weekend that I signed up to is a go ahead at the end of the month, I so need a break and looking forward to spending some quality time with a few friends and maybe getting some scrapping done ;-)

I know it is only Tuesday but sitting here wishing for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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Laura said...

Sounds like you have had some good stuff happening lately. Love the idea of a mobile store...she's on to something!! Have a great week...it's almost Friday.