Thursday, March 8, 2007

Almost the weekend ....

Here I sit at work (haha I know some of you are saying what the heck) but I haven't had any computer time at home in the evenings lately, if my son isn't doing homework and researching things for his social class, then he is online to friends in the evenings. So I thought I would slip in here this afternoon for a quick update.

I am so happy to say that the retreat that I am scheduled to attend is going ahead at the end of the month, It is being held at The Barn Loft Inn just outside Vegreville - I attended one last November (my very first) and had such a great time, so I am looking at getting away again with some awesome ladies for a couple days and just be out in the middle of no where and do some scrapbooking. This time I will be even more prepared - bring a movie or two and a book, just if I need a scrapbooking break - I know some ladies can just go and go and go but I am not that type of scrapbooker so why force it. I am really looking forward to it.

I am working at the Mom, Pop and Tots fair this weekend - helping out my friend Kelly at her booth promoting her new business "Memories in Motion" - so that will be a new experience. I have never been to this fair or trade show so I am really interested in all it will hold. I will also be helping Kelly at the Women's Show coming up in April, again looking forward to helping her out that weekend.

I am so happy to see the more mild weather we have had the last couple days, I was so excited this morning driving my son to school and actually saw some grass peaking through on the boulevard, wow underneath all these mountains of snow it still exists haha. I think I am also so looking forward to spring and the big thaw because it seems easier for friends to get out and do things together once in awhile haha. Like it is an enjoyable outing going out in the evening and meeting a friend on Whyte Avenue for a coffee or a drink. Easier to get out of the house and go for brunch one morning - go sit on a patio a sunny afternoon. Looking forward to sitting and planning summer excursions, cuz it seems closer to actually being summer haha. Visiting family - maybe camping with friends, going to visit some more of local outside attractions. Just getting more out and about.
And maybe getting out to a few more crops in and around the city - that will be a definite plus too.

Lots to look forward to and loving the sun shining brightly outside to urge on the planning. :-)

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Laura said...

I can't wait for spring/summer either! The sunshine feels sooo good these last few days, wish I could be puttering in my yard but it is such a swamp!! That weekend in Vegreville sounds great, is there a website with more info? (I am only 45 mins from Veg)
Have a great weekend Sherri!