Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just wanted to add a couple photos ...

I have to go to sleep - so tired and tomorrow will come way to early - but I wanted to add a couple photos before I go to sleep -

Becky Higgins and myself
(at the Memories
Wholesale Retail Event weekend)
And Franny with Kelly and I - also the same weekend. :-)


Laura said...

How cool you got to meet Becky!!
Hope you had a great weekend...I hearya about Monday morning coming too early! I dislike time change a lot!

Anonymous said...

great pictures girl!!!!

The time change was horrible for me....went to bed later and woke up head didnt like it very much!!!!

Dawn said...

Lucky you...I heard that weekend was really fun, and that Becky Higgins is really nice:)
The blog is looking great!!! Catch ya later.