Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday ................

And two days of not coming to work approaches haha - yipee - I hope to get some more decluttering of my home done this weekend, and also get back into my scrapbooking! I miss it, even if I start on a few little projects I have coming up, or even finish some off that are waiting for me - I will feel good I know. And dreaded tax time haha, I am a bit nervous, got a quick tax and going to do this one all on my own (last year a friend walked me through it) my taxes are pretty straightforward so I think should go off without a snag. :-)

Looking forward to the weekend - hope to get in some good movie watching time too, I think it is Drew Barrymore on the Triple Flick this weekend, I like her so that might be worth the watch.

The sun is valiantly trying to poke out today, I have to say I feel so much better about life in general when the sun is shining - even if it is still chilly outside.

Have to run and get a wooden planter this weekend and transplant my Staghorn Fern that was given me as a gift a bit ago, I so don't want to kill it! haha my bosslady said she planted hers into a wooden planter and it is doing lovely so I am going to give that a go! Cross your fingers for me and touch wood haha.

So so so glad it is Friday .... and a lovely weekend awaits full of possibilities.
Have a good one all!

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Laura said...

Good luck with the taxes..that program is a cinch to use I found. Does everything for ya, all you do is put the numbers in. Hope the weekend was good to you.