Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reflection of 2010 ...

I am sitting here thinking back to this time last year ... where I was at ... what life was like ... how content or happy or sad or confused I was then ... it has been a very full year ~ 2010. I lost my scrapbooking mojo almost a couple years ago now ~ it's amazing to me actually all that has happened in life in the last 5 years not even just the last one ~ but I am lately really getting the itch to get creative again. I am looking to be inspired - to be motivated ... I think parts of my life are full of that now and to keep the flow going I need to get creative and start back into a craft/art/form of expression that has always meant a great deal to keep me that way ... Inspired. So if I was to pick a word or words to sum up the majority of last year's events or happenings - I guess it would be "Adventure" maybe even "New Adventures" - some were not the best but a majority of these events/happenings that would fall under these words have been positive and life changing. A fellow friend and blogger Laura did her looking back in a couple ways that I really loved: one she did this in point form, and two she started with the positive - not the order of of things. I am going to blog-lift that from her hee hee: So some of the highlights of 2010 (in no certain order) :)

* I sat myself down and really took a look at what I needed to have in a relationship and a man that would make me or keep me committed to someone.
* I put my trust in a close friend ~ a male friend ~ and we proved to ourselves and others that two people of the opposite sex can have a close and trusting relationship without getting messy and akward.
* I MET AN AMAZING MAN - who we had an instant bond and connection from our first date - and for one of the first times - I went with it and trusted my instincts AND FELL IN LOVE and it has only grown deeper as time passes. Trully have found my soulmate. :)
* My son finished his first year of University.
* My son went to work at a labour full time job for the summer - matured for the experience, and changed his course in his schooling.
* He started back into his new school year with a renewed determination and dedication that I haven't seen in a long time ~ gave me confidence in his new career path.
* My niece had a precious little baby girl - and I became a Great Auntie! Wow!
* I got my passport!!! Finally!!!
* My amazing friend Kelly working on her book about her life story - she is amazing and I am so proud that she is on the path she is ~ she is inspiring.
* Kevin and I have gone on a few get aways - started with a trip to Calgary to visit friends,camping, then a trip to BC to visit family, Jasper for my birthday, and then in December our big trip - our get away to VEGAS!!! Amazing times, amazing memories. I have done more travelling with Kevin in the last nine months than I likely have done in the last 8 years :) and more are planned for the future!
* Had an amazing visit with my grandparents in September - short but so heart felt.
* Have been introduced to another whole new set of wonderful people that now are family - especially Mom Sylvia - she is dear to my heart and I am thankful she is the amazing woman she is and blessed that as Kevin's mom we have such a great relationship.
Dull or not so high moments:
* Lost another friend to their battle with cancer.
* Passed the first anniversary of losing dear Dave - missing him.
* My dear cousin Robbie's cancer coming back strong ~ his tiring battle to try to survive - he is three years older than me with boys close to my son's age.
* Grandparent's health taking a downward turn - both in mid 80's now, both have had cancer, and dealing with all the side effects that toll has taken on their bodies.
* Beginning of last year - had my heartbroken ~ and though it turned out for the best and changed my direction ~ still was achingly hard to go through.

I have a future ahead where there are some amazing things in the works ~ from buying a new home with my man to doing more traveling, to having family visit, to my son graduating from his University course, looking forward to my friend Kelly publishing her book about her life as a burn survivor, and my sister having her first show as a bead work jewelry designer, and myself maybe going back to school to take some courses in photography and photoshop. :) On the whole life is looking good ...
I am looking forward to getting my home organized, getting back into scrapbooking, spending more time re-connecting and connecting with friends and family, old and new ~ and enjoying life to the fullest. Turning obstacles that may seem like mountains into molehills and mere bumps in the road ... and sharing my life with a man I am extremely proud of, admire and love with all my heart.

To us all ... may the word for 2011 be "CHANGE" and may the changes in our lives be good, the heartaches few, and our blessings many.

Hugs to you all ~ Cheers

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