Thursday, January 20, 2011

My heart overflows ...

Today on fb my scrapping and fb friend Darlene posted this on her status:

If you have a wonderful man, who helps balance your whole world, who isn't perfect, but is perfect for you, who works hard and would do anything for you. Who makes you laugh and drives you crazy, who is your best friend, who you want to grow old with, and who you are thankful for everyday. Who you could not live without... then post this as your status.

So I grabbed it and did just that ~ as every word rings true about Kevin and I was so touched when he grabbed this off of MY status and then reposted on his own profile but changed it to "wonderful woman" ... aaaaaawwwwwww so touched my heart and soul ~ a simple act really but means so much. I think that is something I really appreciate about this relationship and about Kevin. Is that we constantly do simple things to show that we care about each other, don't take for granted that we do ~ and that we are not shy or hesitant about letting others know we have that special person in our life. I think that has been the biggest blessing of this relationship - the fact I can share it with the world. :)

It's good to be this much in love ...

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