Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shall we jump?!

Into the new year?? I am starting to feel the tell tale itch of restlessness and the need to be inspired and motivated ... to do ... not to watch ... to be ... not to be still. :) Now it's just a juggle to figure out how to get the projects started that I want to ... how to look into researching the projects I want to get started ... find the time I need to dedicate to things I have put aside ... and learn to get the most "life" out of each day that I can.

I got a bit of a "crazy" idea the other day ... and the project is growing on me as well as the people I have pitched it to are all for it and want me to go forward ha ha (that's what happens when you let people in on your nutty ideas - they actually support it haha and then you are hooped to start being serious about it). It started with me diligently searching up recipes for Ukrainian Christmas, lead to searching recipes of Ukrainian dishes that I grew up on and so on ~ the difference is I want to re-create these fave dishes so that they are not only gluten free but that they are dairy free, as I am a celiac with lactose/casien intolerance. So here I am looking up recipes and then pulling other recipes together - 2-3 recipes here and there to make one that I want to try thinking man I wish there was a reference for a Ukrainian girl that wants to cook Ukrainian GLUTEN free ~ hhhhhhmmmmmm well maybe I should just thinking of writing a cookbook! Or I think Kevin and I should write one ~ well I mentioned it to a couple people and have received such strong feedback that now it has become a line on the list ~ there are certain ways I would like to go about it, and alot more reading and research will be involved, plus the big part we need to start cooking what I want to write about! ha ha I have been impressed with the resources that there is out there if you want to look ~ and the lack thereof on some counts ~ like I said maybe a crazy idea but starting to take shape nonetheless. :)

I have a feeling this year is going to be a busy and full one, and I am ready for this kind of busy and full - mostly the good, fabulous, amazing kind of year ...

My amazing friend Kelly is publishing her book and speaking about it ~

So proud of what she has accomplished in the last couple years towards her goal of becoming a public speaker ~ she has inspired so many people and with her truthful down to earth real story I am sure she will continue to do so.


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