Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding Inspiration ...

I recently came to know about this site called Tiny Buddha - one of my friends had "liked" it on facebook and I took a look and quickly became a fan myself. It's really full of down to earth stories and inspiration ~ that apply to everyday life ~ the joys and the struggles.

I have had a struggle of late myself - of sorts ~ and I really really enjoyed this article today:


I love when you are searching for "something" whether it be inspiration, motivation or even just a pair of nail clippers ~ and you find it when you need it haha. I love that "aaaahhhhhh ... nice" feeling it gives you. This article today did exactly that.

Good for the soul reading. :)

And today I am going to meet my friend Kelly Falardeau and get a copy of her newly published book "No Risks No Rewards - a burn survivor's journey from near death to success". So proud of my dear friend for opening up her life and story knowing that she can be a good inspiration to people ~ I say "wow".

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