Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off to see a little bit more of the world soon :)

Need to take a mental break from work today so thought I would come in here and jote a note in my blog about my most exciting upcoming adventure! I am so nutsy busy at work this week because I am getting ready to take a break ~ and on part of this break time we are going to Las Vegas!!! I am so excited ~ I just finally got my passport this summer and now I will get to use it! Neither my guy or myself are gamblers but as I have been told and read profusely there is alot to do in Vegas and I am so ready to go and give it a look see.

So I am so very blessed and fortunate that I have a man in my life that wants to get out and spend a little more time traveling and is very happy that he too has someone in life to share the experiences with. He has been to Vegas a few times and one of the things he said we must to is go to a show of somekind ~ so he booked us tickets to go and see The Lion King production ~ I am so so looking forward to that theatrical production in the Mandalay Theatre. :) Going to do some shopping, some dining, and a whole lot of sight seeing ~ off to a new adventure. :)

I have in the recent years really come to realize we have all got to get out there and live the best life we can ~ now this isn't saying their won't be lows and highs in life and that we just push through with a smile on our face all the time, I don't think that is realistic, but we need to keep getting up when getting knocked down and move forward.

Okay need to get back at all this so I can go away with a clean head and know that everything at work will run fairly smoothly ...

Cheers :)

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Laura said...

OMgoodness...it was so great to hear from you on my blog! For awhile, I couldn't access yours...kept getting some message about needing to be invited or blog was private? Anyway, I am thrilled to be back in touch!!
And spill...what did you think of Vegas? Brian and I have been twice (we've gone the last 2 Spring breaks) and LOVE it!! Hoping all is well...take care!!