Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Adventure .....

I am so excited at the moment - I am being taken on a weekend adventure to Jasper and since it's mid afternoon only hours to go before we are on our way out of the city. I intend to do more travelling in the future ~ both in my very own province (I really haven't seen much of it at all) and also get out and see some of the world. I spent the first half of my life in a family of 5 girls - and with 5 children there were not alot of travelling options. Married young, and then had my son and soon divorced after and became a full time single mom ~ no travelling options there. No regrets on spending the second half of my life (so far - still lots to go haha) raising my amazing son ~ and now it's my turn. I have a man in my life that wants to see "life" with me ~ and I am ready and more than willing to get into the next phase of the "adventure". And we are going to do this gluten free. :)

Why I point out the gluten free is that it's one thing changing things within your own home - your ingredients, your cooking styles, your way of eating ~ and a totally other thing to go out to eat, or to travel and to be gluten free. But it is not impossible, just takes a bit more effort and planning. When we went camping - of course we could control our foods and cooking spaces, and when we went to Vancouver because visiting family again the situation was a bit more easy to accomodate our eating. Jasper seems to have some good options available as well - it is a touch frustrating to look up some of these places though online - you have to have the time and patience to look through a number of sites to get a handful of information.

Some of the most helpful sites I find are those that are everyday folk who have started gluten free blogs - now I want to start writing more about celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten free living myself - and I may just decide to start up a totally separate blog - and make it a public site so that if people put in for example "Gluten Free in Jasper" I can post information I have gleaned and then following experiences all in one place. :) I am just a little player in all this myself - as still relatively new to the gluten free lifestyle and very new to trying to incorporate that in family eating and travelling situation. I am going to have to give this alot more serious thought ~ I am looking for some passion and inspiration ~ maybe this is it. I do know that it is sometimes so overwhelming all the information out there, often confusing and maybe dedicating myself to building a blog for gluten free living - would not only be a benefit to myself - but to my family and friends that are looking for options.

Plus it wouldn't be a bad thing to get into learning and building a blog site - I know my sister Belinda who is soon wanting to launch a blog site for her new jewelry design company could use all the pointers I would glean by getting myself back into a blog setting.

Life is very full of late - it amuses me that about a year and a half ago I was miserable, alone alot, watching TV all the time ... and now everyday is so full of just living and I am not alone, TV is dusty and life is good.

I am so looking forward to this weekend away to re-energize, re-vitalize and re-boot ...... Cheers

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