Thursday, October 25, 2007

The sun is out yet ....

I am in a bit of a sad mood, it's a hard time for our family right now ~ and though I try and laugh, and create, and work and basically go through life as always ~ I find a bit of a subdued sadness in behind the scenes all the time. I know a few of my friends know that my Uncle, after going through cancer when he was in his early 30's, and it going into remission for almost 20 years, has now has been fighting the last 4-5 years again. And now he has come to the end of the fight, he has been made comfortable, my mom and aunt are with him, and will pass peacefully soon. He is not suffering at the moment, they have made it so he is out of pain ~ and this is one small mercy. Not much more to say right at this moment, I mean the world keeps going, and will. I will say from my heart, "We love you Uncle Harry, and we know you will be an awesome angel watching us, we wish you peace now."

And I thank all my friends that have given condolences, you all mean the world to me ~ I trully know we all face similar situations in many of our families, and love you all.

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