Friday, August 24, 2007

whirlwind life .....

Well of late life has been just a whirlwind ..... so many things happening and I am just trying to keep up with the flow. Tonight is the crop at Urban Scrapbooking and I am so looking forward to it, I need some down chill time with the gals ~ though I think I may cut out a bit early (as I am so tired not alot of cropping will get done tonight) and join my friend Kelly-Ann for a bit tonight as well, as this is her last night in our fine City boo hoo. She is now officially a Cow-town gal haha.

The visit with my grandparents was so great ........ still brings tears to my eyes, for though the circumstances were not as happy, we so enjoyed each others company. I love them very much, and miss them so ~ need to figure out how to make a few more trips to the coast than I have ~ so calling out for road buddies haha, have one so far need a couple more and we could go on some more fun spontaneous trips. :-) Anyone have family at the coast they would like to pop in on? haha. On the last night they were here I forced haha, yes forced my family outside and took some pictures, so as I have a stone-age camera not sure how they turned out yet but crossing my fingers. I had my son take some really nice ones of me and my grandparents, being the scrapbooker I am, already planning the special page to showcase them on haha. :-)

I finished my assignment for my friend Kelly and her company Memories in Motion ~ I was her Guest Designer for the month of September Kit - The Oodles of Doodles paper line from Upsy Daisy ~the kit was a fun challenge and I managed to do it some justice, she was pleased and that's what I do it for. :-) Go to
to see more about her awesome company.

One of my layouts from my work done for Memories in Motion: Go to my layouts to see the rest :-)

She also wrote a touching note about me in her blog ~ she is a sweetheart and a good friend, I am so glad we met and are bound to be good friends for many years to come. :-)

My friends are both leaving for Calgary, my grandparents are once again home, my Guest Designer assignment done, stayed up till 12:30 last night finishing up my Circle Journal ~ and crop and visiting tonight to do and really I am about done in haha. Saturday we are going to join my mom at the lake for a bit and just relax, chill time and do nothing, so so looking forward to it, time to regroup, relax, and rejuvenate.

And then jump into another week. Starting it off with a bit of fun though, a friend of a friend has started up our LNO (Ladies Night Out) night again ~ that is Monday. It is really a fun time ~ get to meet new ladies everytime and just sit and visit for a few hours, I love it and looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new.

Well I am sitting here typing and typing in order to try and stay awake today hee hee, so tired ~ at the crop tonight I will be the little scrapper sleeping in the corner hee hee.

Hope everyone has a lovely and safe weekend !!!!
Hugs :-)


Anonymous said...

hey girl....yah yah yah its me....had fun on friday....did ya dance your bootie off later on?

Laura said...

hey Sherri,
I would love to head out to the coast to visit my friend/neighbor who moved away but my timeline only allows for a flight at this time...sorry.
A crop at Urban sounds like fun...I should really find out when they are as I would love to drive in attend one. Would be great to see the former L2S gals that I met at one crop and to finally meet you in person.
Lovin your GDT work...awesome stuff.
Sorry about your friends moving...I kinda know how ya feel,recently losing one to a move too. Make sure to stay in touch and visit when ya can, really, that's all you can do right.
Take care...hope you enjoyed some down time at the lake with your Mom.