Saturday, May 5, 2007

National Scrapbooking Day

Well what are you all up to? I had so many things planned this weekend something was bound to have to give, and unfortunately it was my planned Scrapalicious Crop - I ended up spending the time with my son, and don't regret it one bit, though I really wanted to go out and meet the Love2Scrap gals at the crop, but there will be others. My son has his big handball tournament this weekend and I am really enjoying that, he really enjoys playing the game, and it is one that is so full of action that the time it takes to play just flys by - it's an awesome sport. So that has taken up a big part of the weekend, and then he wanted to go and do some shopping today so off we went. He is a teenager, so us going and having an afternoon doing shopping well they are few and far between so we took advantage of having some time this afternoon and evening and went. And the day is gone, he is out at a friend's for a couple hours so I am zipping in here and now I think I will go and try and do some scrapping on National Scrapbooking Day, and hopefully tomorrow sometime when the tournament is at an end I can squeeze in some more creative hours.

So whatever all of you have gotten up to this weekend - I am hoping your weekend is filled with laughter and love!

Take care!


Kelsey_N said...

Hey Sherri.
I am so happy that you got some mom son time with your teenager! It is few and far between that you get to spend that sort of quality time. Glad the weekend went well for you!
Have a great Monday!

Laura said...

I can only hope that my son will still want to, on occasion hang out with me...glad you got to enjoy that. Souonds like the weekend was great.