Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a little update .....

Well last week was a crazy ride and haven't updated anything for a bit, so thought I would let those who have enquired what has been up. Last week I spent alot of time working on getting things together to get my ds passport stuff done and away (we are running on a deadline) meetings with lawyers, running to get pics taken, etc. My son and I did spend a nice evening after one of these ventures out by going to see Spideyman 3 - that was pretty good, still like number 2 the best though.

Anyway last Thursday we spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon at the Passport Canada office getting all the paperwork in - so that was a big relief. We were on the way back to the school and my property manager called and said my landlord is in the city and wants to come and see my place. I was immediately sick to my stomach, I don't know how many of you are aware of the rental nightmares that are happening in Alberta right now, especially in Edmonton and Calgary. Because of the housing market shooting through the roof - rental properties have become unaffordable for many people, some rates have gone up from $400-$1200 - and that is only the increase on what people already pay. My landlord lives out of the country right now, and he would profit from selling his property in the city right now, and I can't afford to buy or to have my rent hiked up a significant amount. And there just is not alot of options for people who want to stay in the city. So I became very very very stressed, and really scared about the meeting, was near tears most of the two days.

Things did turn out better than I was fearing - and I am so grateful for that - yes I will have an increase but I trully feel he will be objective and fair - and isn't selling at the moment - I hope, but even if he does again I think he will be fair to us. It was good to meet him, and when they were here my property manager spoke highly of me, saying I was the best renter he has had, so that was very nice to hear, and it was good for my landlord to hear. So I still await the final verdict, but I am calmer in my heart that whatever the outcome I will be able to handle it.

I am having some really bad hair days lately haha, so time to get that taken care of - I was going to try and grow my bangs out for summer so I could tuck it all under a baseball cap but lordy no way to that it is driving me nuts haha. I have to take my vehicle in this evening to get a squeaky brake problem looked at, cross your fingers that I can still eat after getting it looked at haha.

So passport stuff all in, and as far as I know we are on track with everything - thank god for grandparents - they are being a big help and support in getting my ds to Germany this summer for the tournament ect.
Haven't been scrapping in the last week, but last night I sat down and started to work on a project I have to do for a friend, oh I forgot I did scrap some tags and a coaster book card for my mom.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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Laura said...

Hope everything falls into place with the rent and the passport arrives soon. Also wishing you some scrap time.