Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mid week ...

yet really it does not feel like it, I guess that is what a long weekend does - haha missing the weekend already. I had a great weekend, a little of this and that done - all good - didn't go camping but spent just as much staying home and buying stuff for my kid haha. Again all good. I got a couple projects on the go this weekend scrapbooking wise, finished up one to send away and have started on this great layout of my son - tried out a technique that I saw in the latest Scrapbook Etc. magazine (I have really been enjoying my copy of that magazine - lots of scraplifting ideas in there haha).

I have been touring some blogs this morning, I know it is only after 9 am but already I am wishing I was home and at my scrap table - with the inspiration fresh in my mind on my computer screen. I have been having some trouble with my home computer, I do hope that things do not go south there as I would really miss not having the access at home, as would my son - it's funny what we get use to isn't it? I mean we have only been on line at home for just over a year, and I would be sad if my computer failed me now, they are pretty expensive to keep up and current though aren't they?!

I am looking forward to going to another evening at Simply Suppers, and getting some more meals into the freezer. I certainly have enjoyed trying out new dishes and having the options this program has given me. It's been great for my mom as well, it's only her and her guy now and she is really enjoying the different entrees and having them ready to cook when she gets home from work. It's not like ready made - I mean you have to cook, bake, slowcooker the entree and you need to make your sides - I just really enjoy having the different meals lettting someone else provide the effort of what to cook haha.

As it seems for the moment that as a renter I am still going to be able to stay in the city, I felt it was time to get back involved with my community league again, I have only been away from the league for about 7 months but I have felt more out of touch with the city and what is going on since. As some of the issues that were the reason I stepped down, well while not resolved - I can't really have any active involvement in - thought it was time to reconnect with some other important items - namely where we live.

Ha ha it is only Wednesday and I am looking forward to the weekend already. Kinda glad all the shows I watch are finishing up for the season, will get me away from the TV in the evenings and maybe more scrapbooking will get done. I have been filled with ideas, I definitely have the product, now I just need the time and motivation.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Anna Sigríður said...

I miss seeing you on the www girl!!! Hopefully L2S will be up and runnign soon!!!
Take care girlie!

Kelsey_N said...

Hey Sherri,

Sounds like you have a lot going on!

I agree with the tv - for a little while we won't be completely stuck to it!!

I need to do some scrapping too ...

Have a super duper great day!

Laura said...

LOVE the new pic Sherri...looks great! Sounds like you've been busy!
Hope you are having a fabulous week and tomorrow is Friday...woohoo!