Friday, April 25, 2014

Documented Life Project - Weeks 4-6

Documented Life Project - More pictures of some of the weeks I have finished the Challenges - 

Week 4 - Write a secret message then paint over all but one key word.

For this week I decided I wanted to write a message but I did not want it to be hidden from me - so the tip in is a big tag that I purchased from Scarlet Lime and I wrote a bunch of things about family - friends family and family family ... then I cut a hole in the tip in so that the word FAMILY was my One key word that showed through.

Busy busy pages ... I think coming off all the Collaging on Week 3 I was on a roll ... I added tonnes of pictures that I had just printed out on paper ... and did a lot of doodling and adding fun elements.  I am also working through an amazing on-line course called "Studying Under the Masters" hosted by Jeanne Oliver -  and this week we were studying Antonio Gaudi with Junelle Jacobsen and I seriously fell in LOVE with both of them.  Gaudi's work has me putting a trip to Barcelona on my Bucket List!  
 My little niece Cora holds a special place in my heart ... and every visit with her I so cherish ... she has me thinking it is time for Auntie to dust off the scrapbooking stuff and do up some layouts!

 This is my little family - My son Alex means the world to me - and we now share our crazy and sometimes chaotic life with my man Kevin.

Week 5 - Add a Doodled Border
Well once you start doodling it is sometimes really hard to stop ha ha ... this week was fun and colourful ... lots of doodling.  Coincidentally I was at this time reading a book by Traci Bautista - called "Doodles Unleashed" - and fell in love with her "Girlie Glam Face Girls" and her use of colour colour colour!!!!  So I decided to do my own doodly Glam girl and put her in my planner.  Fun fun.

Week 6 - Open your Pinterest Board and Be inspired

I love love Owls - and all things Hooter :)  So when I saw some cute little owl pictures done by Bernadette Deming on Pinterest I was inspired to paint this little hooter ... I have done owl pictures in all forms - paper collage, watercolour, paint I seem to stick to the same theme a cute little pudgy guy on a branch ... they are all similar and yet not.  Love it. 

Still at this point I find I am journalling and documenting still quite a bit ... A lot of this comes from when I sit down I sometimes then do two or three weeks at a time because I have fallen behind in the Challenges.  So enjoying the process ... and so excited to see others work and get tips and techniques every day!  Oh to have endless time to play ... darn work gets in the way ha ha ...

Have a lovely day!

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