Friday, April 25, 2014

Documented Life Project - Art to the 5th - Weeks 1-3

I need to start documenting my journey on an exciting year long project hosted by the amazing talents of 5 women  - The "Art to the 5th" FAB five :)

The "Documented Life Project" is a year long challenge done in a Weekly Planner - it is kind of a planner art journal where weekly challenges are posted every week on the blog ... ALL Details of the Project can be found HERE.  :)

As of today there are over 7,000 members from all over the world participating in the challenge ... there is an awesome FACEBOOK group where members share inspiration, advice and guidance ~ seems you ask a question and tonnes of awesome advice and thoughts come back.  It has been awesome - people of all levels of artist talent coming together to share and learn from each other.  And it is for a full YEAR!!  I have to admit I am a bit behind ... I let one of the weeks kind of stumble me - Week 10 - What makes you YOU? ... and have been a bit stuck, but I did part of that week and have now moved past and will come back and finish when I get my head around it ha ha ;)

So going to start post a few pictures of what I have done for some of the challenges each week ... starting with:

WEEK ONE - Photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door :)

On my tip in page I did the Challenge - a soft rendition of our actual Front Door at that time. :) 

ON the inside of the pages I did my ONE word (ACTION - 2014) I picked for this year and a list of  goals I would like to work on this year - great reference to have at the beginning of my planner.  I drew a quote that I saw about JOY ... I did end up coming back and recoloring this page from the original colouring because there was not enough colour for me. 

WEEK TWO - Selfie
Found another cool quote I wanted to put on these pages - I had a piece from an advertisement for something the card at the bottom of the page that I wanted to use, again I went back and added more colour and some add in after ... Now this week we were also prompted to add our ONE WORD if we had one, as I did this the week before I just added the word again. 

Week Three - Add an envelope from your mailbox.
This was an awesome challenge ... I had received mail from a couple of my far away "She Matters Art retreat" gals - from Laura in Kansas and Shirly in Israel that I so wanted to highlight and put in my planner as it was a huge highlight when I came home from work to find this "Happy Mail" in the mail box.  :)   I also had some lovely ATC cards sent to me by my friends Melanni and Lynne that I wanted to incorporate.  

Postmarks from Israel and Kansas added :)  Also some of the Art on the envelops - lovely ATC from my friend Melanni.
More Art from the envelops and its and bits sent - including an awesome ATC from Lynne
Love love how this week came together - in honesty took me a good long long while to get it started.  I used almost every lovely piece of the envelop my friend Laura painted for me - she coloured the whole thing so beautifully, so love that it is forever in my planner now! 

First three weeks ... I have a lot more to post ha ha as we are on Week 16? 17? now ha ha ... and I have gotten a little behind but oh my so much fun and I will have to get caught up in sharing all the fun ...

Have a lovely day ...
I shall be back with more soon!!
Sherri :)

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