Friday, April 25, 2014

Documented Life Project - Week 7-9

Documented Life Project - 

More and more fun this project planner is turning out ... being inspired by others, trying out new ideas and techniques ~ sharing some of my own.  I am quite pleased (a bit overwhelmed too ha ha) at how I have immersed myself in creativity this year - thanks to the Jump start on MY ART HEART that I received last year from Christy Tomlinson and being so blessed as to be able to attend one of her "She Matters Art Retreats" - honestly that experience changed me.

On to sharing a few more weeks of my take on the Weekly Challenges:

Week 7 - Draw One Shape - Repeat - Add Colour
So obviously my shape is circle - I love circles - it really is my go to shape ~ just love them.

Inspired by Roben Marie Smith - love her doodly style and she uses circles often in her work I wanted to use the idea of using my drop cloth (she uses muslin or a cloth of some kind to collect her paint spatters ect. - in my case it would by my paper towel drop cloths - I always keep my colourful drop cloths and wiping towels well because they are simply too pretty to throw away - but this was my first attempt at actually using them ha ha ... so I picked a colourful one and decided to add a bit more colour with my Tattered Angels Chalkboard ink spray, punchella and some of the stencils I got at Scarlet Lime - Christy Tomlinson's lace mask is one of my favourite stencils to use.  :)

Then I roughly cut out some circles - when I say roughly mean just that ha ha - had to do some fancy trimming on some of them because they did not look like circles lmao.   They felt a little flimsy so I took some multi medium and I put them down on a piece of cardstock - then cut out from there. 

Drop paper towel circles :)
Week 8 - Add a Flap to your Flap
Inspired by watching Roben Marie's tutorial that she posted for this week's challenge - I decided to make a background that I could cut a pop art card out of to make a flap.  So sat and on a piece of plain cardstock I used a variety of techniques and tools - credit card with paint, stencils with sprays, doodling, roller stamps ect.

 Then I cut a piece and added a flap to my tip in flap  - truth be told I haven't been entirely happy with how this week turned out, so I may just go back and redo things one day, I haven't finished the documenting I wanted to do inside the tip in pages (I have a bunch of pictures I want to yet add of my niece Carys and my dear friend Kelly-Ann - so when I do that I may just redo the flap idea.  :)  THAT'S one of the cool things about this being a year long project, and totally my own creation - I can do whatever I like ha ha.  :)
WEEK 9 - Collage Something you Recycled
I was totally completely INSPIRED by Lorraine Bell's Blog on this Weekly Challenge - she used Dasani water bottle labels and cut them up for water - and drew an amazing mermaid :)

I had this little mermaid card I had already made up - using the Dylusions Stamps and techniques I learned during a class at The Inked Stampers - love love how Dawn taught us to make cute little mermaids out of the Dylusion stamps!
So I used Lorraine's amazingly cool idea for water - I used two different water bottle labels and a gingerale pop bottle label and decided to do the whole page ... man working with those strips and the dry air caused for some static cling ha ha ... but slowly and surely I covered the page - then I took a pair of sturdy scissors and cut out my mermaid from the card as well as the fishies ;)  Re-stamped the coral and seaweed from my Dylusion Stamp set - colored in with Americana Neon Paints - fixed on my mermaid and fishes and I love love the finished product. 
This week I just took this finished sheet and I glued down right on top of the lined page of the Moleskin planner ... trying to do that once in a while to keep the thickness down a bit, as since this piece was thick enough on it's own.

This was a fun challenge ... Thank you Roben Marie and Lorraine for the AWESOME inspiration!  :)

Have a lovely fantastic Day!
Sherri :)


Plume said...

I love your work and those circles are gorgous!

Tina said...

LOVE your work Sherri! Can't wait to see what you do next!