Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life has been full of ups and downs ......

Life is definitely full lately ` and surprisingly I am feeling very much at peace with my surroundings of late. First of all my uncle passed away last Tuesday, Oct 30 ~ and while it was sad that he had such a fight and that he was dealt a rough hand, he is peace now and the long battle (this last one lasting 3 1/2 years) has come to a close, and he is at rest. We are actually having his memorial this coming Sunday, and if it does not sound too morbid I am looking forward to it. I believe it will be a wonderful celebration of his life, and a family healing time. My Aunt has stated quite clearly "no sad", no sad anymore ~ celebrate his life, celebrate our lives. We are going to play Jazz music, laugh alot and be together ~ I think it is a fitting tribute to the man my Uncle was, and I am happy to be here and to be a part of that.

On to other parts of life I had my big 40 birthday supper on Sunday, and though I had been in a turmoil of turning 40 ~ I found once the day came and we were all there having supper ~ I was very happy. I had a bit of a time even deciding on what I wanted to do, and then who I wanted to be with me. In the end I found it to be the best evening, I had a bit of a different group around me than in years past, I mixed it up ~ all family ~ work family, friends family and family family. It felt good to have this group around me, and we enjoyed our evening at the Japanese Village ~ yum yum yum ~ it was awesome.

Looking forward to the crops this month ~ Scrapalicious is this Saturday and in a couple weeks we are heading back to the Urban for a night of laughing, eating and shopping ~ gotta love it haha. I am so enjoying this Circle Journal idea also, in two of them at the moment ~ really that is enough haha ~ and the groups are pretty laid back and easy going, and we are passing off versus mailing ~ so it has been some fun. And alot of the girls, well most ~ that I crop with at different times of the month are in them so that is so much fun.

Well I am starving off to lunch time here at work haha ~ my computer at home is once again gone on the fritz so all updating has to be done from work, good thing I have a job where I can do that ~ or I would feel so out of touch.

Hope you all have an excellent rest of the week!
Take care

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MonaS! said...

Sorry we missed you at Scrapalicious on Saturday, but I hope you are feeling better. Hugs about your uncle and I hope the memorial for him was nice.