Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A heartbreaking time .....

My friend Tammy Brownlee is going through a heartbreaking time right now,

Part of her status line on facebook:
"Tammy is grateful to have had the chance to have meet her baby boy Paul Matthew Nicholas Brownlee, born and passed on Nov. 21,2007."

She recently wrote a touching and heart wrenching note (on facebook) about the loss of her precious one, it was not only a beautiful tribute to her love, joy and sorrow connected with their little one, but it was a learning note for the rest of us. As a whole it is hard sometimes to know how to care for and act with grieving family members, and she is amazing in how she put all this across ~ and has said she wants us to grieve with her, not to be afraid or hesitate to talk and share, and not to forget how much this child meant to her and her family, and always will. I am incredibly thankful to have this beautiful woman in my life and to call her a friend, and have an incredible sorrow in my heart for her and her families loss.

To the little angel Paul Mathew Nicolas ~ you are loved.


Laura said...

How very sad for her...I only recently learned she was expecting.
Sheri, would you please let her know that I'm thinking about her and her family as they go through this terrible ordeal.

Sherri said...

I will Laura _ I will pass this on

MonaS! said...

our hearts are all breaking for her. She is definitely an amazing lady!