Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friday Night!

I haven't been a good blogger of late, blame it on my new facebook addiction, I just find I can add this so much more quickly and zip around faster than on any other site, I know bad excuse haha - I will try and get in here more and I hope to have many more creations in the near future.

Anyway I wanted to share my latest creations, I started them at a Friday night Crop at the Urban on Friday. That was so so much fun. Finally met Tammy Brownlee, and we were all laughing so hard - those gals are so much fun. Let's see there was also Kelsey, Dawn, Marguerite and Elsa - and we did alot of laughing and took tonnes of pictures. That was so funny at one point we had 3-4 cameras going hee hee - one lady in the room said "you do all realize you can share digital pictures?" hahahahahaha - I don't have a digital but it was hilarious anyway. I guess you could say we were a bit loud and rowdy hee hee but man all in good fun. I loved it, it felt good to laugh and create in such a fun setting. Got my creative mojo going, not only did I get two layouts well on their way to being planned (and then finished the next day) I got another 3-4 planned and all inspired to keep going!! Dishes who ever heard of dishes haha.

Anyway thought I would post up the layouts, and I will have to post some pictures of all us gals having a hoot as well haha.

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