Tuesday, June 5, 2007

and the week goes on ....

hhhmmmm didn't get much scrapping done last night, it is so very very hot in my little place uuuggggggg. I go home from my nice A/C at work and just melt away, and don't have any motivation to do anything. So I am very happy to hear that cooler weather is coming!!!! I really have the will to do some layouts, have to pic up a couple pictures today that I had done just with certain layouts in mind. I love Wal-mart and online photo ordering - so cool!

Hope your day is going well!


Tracey said...

Sorry I have been a bad blogger of late, I have not been updating mine and have not been visiting my friends, so glad I dropped by your today Sherri, I loved the inspiring words of the $20 story and it helped me re-evalute a few things that have been getting to me lately, thanks for the inspiration honey, good luck with gettin back into the scrapping ,will pop in to check, I promise lol, hope the heat eases up soon, take care xxx

Laura said...

Hey Sherri, hope everything is going well with you. Have you found some time to scrap yet? How are the plans for Germany coming along?
Take care and have a great week (what's left of it...lol)