Monday, January 27, 2014

Postcard Art ...

When I returned from the "She Matters Art Retreat" last September - I was feeling pretty inspired, I just wanted to quit my job and stay home and create - play with paints, inks, papers, mediums ... all day, everyday.  Well of course the reality is I have to work to live ha ha ... but I had a huge need to create in my down time ... but where to start???  My talented friend Melanni told me to start small, fill my time with creative projects that did not require the hours of time I did not have anymore ~ but something to fill that creative urge to play with colour every day!  She suggested the ever popular art form of ATC's - which are small cards that are decorated and often traded with other artists.  

At the retreat Christy had given us a postcard of watercolour paper for us to decorate - the idea was to send home or to a friend from the retreat - but as we had so many lovely projects to do there and visiting to do - our little postcard art really never got off the ground, I had - when we were there, started painting a "She Art" girl on my card, but was not thrilled with my background so stuck it in my case to look at when I got home.  So this is what I started on, I decided that the "postcard" size was perfect - I could get some 9x12 watercolour paper and cut four to a sheet - I also have bought a pack of the postcard watercolour size that Christy sells on her "Scarlet Lime" site since them, which is an awesome weight and works very well.  And I dove in to this idea ... I decided that I would do up some special ones for my "She Matters" Family first and it gave me a drive to get the project started ... these are some of the cards I have done using various techniques ... different stamps such as Dylusion Stamps and Christy Tomlinson Stamps, and various layering techniques using paper, paint, inks, stamps and stencils - which I learned from taking a couple online workshops from Christy as well as of course attending the retreat.  :)

So some of the first postcard art cards that I did:

Card made for my bestie ... using some further techniques I learned at The Inked Stamper - and incorporating my Christy Tomlinson stamp as well into the design.  :)



Anonymous said...

I just adore my little art postcard, and look at her daily. You make such lovely art, and inspire me to create daily. Thanks friend... Keep up the amazing work.

Virginia J Bailey said...

Hi Sherri,
I'm finding you through Laura's blog. Just stopped by to say Hi and compliment you on your art. I've loving your style.