Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshops

 My friend Melanni told me I should check out some workshops being offered on-line by Christy Tomlinson - So I clicked into her blog and signed up for a couple of her workshops ... and haven't been disappointed at all ~ I am loving how the workshops are filled with so much inspiration and have brought out my love of learning new techniques ... and she is teaching them by the tonnes!  She is such a natural and easy going woman to watch, often has me chuckling along with her ...

The "She Art" Workshop is the first one I am working on ... I am enjoying learning the basics of building up a background ... getting messy with applying inks, paints, plasters, stamps, rub-ons and more ...  how she builds layers ... till you get the desired look you want (believe me it is sometimes hard to know when to stop).

I actually created my She Art Girls out of order ha ha - this one I entitled "She can bring Beauty to your eyes" - caught my heart and wanted to work on her first.  I loved the little pantaloons and she kind of reminds me of myself.  I had such fun following Christy's directions and guidance and making a She Art Girl that spoke to me.  :)  She truly brought the beauty of mixed Media Art to my eyes.
She can bring Beauty to your eyes.

The Second one (really the first ha ha) "She loves to Learn and Create" again was so much fun learning to really work with my rub-ons, stamps and stencils - I kind of over did my back ground a bit (I got so into it) that the colors of the girl I was going to put in here did not work and I needed something more vibrant.  I am so please with how she turned out ... 
She Loves to Learn and Create.

The third one I have done so far I actually worked on at a Scrapbooking Crop evening ... believe me some of the ladies present were very interested in just what I was creating.  With this She Art Girl - which I entitled "She believes in Angels" I got into learning how to apply molding paste mixed with acrylic paints and applying on with a stencil.  I had some stop and take a step back moments where things were not going down quite as I wanted them too, but I believe my finished product makes me smile.

She believes in Angels.

That is another thing I love about the Christy Tomlinson's Workshops - is that she makes mistakes or goes down a path she doesn't want to and she lets you see how she adapts or how she works with it.  It is very liberating to know you really can not make a mistake creating your piece and that you can work with what ever issue you feel you might have.  It has helped to free my thinking from a box and let me draw outside the lines so to speak.  I am loving it!

I so encourage anyone who wants to dabble in freeing up their artistic soul, who may need a refresh, or even might like to try something new (like mixed media art) and not sure where to start to take one of Christy's Workshops.  She Art girls are a small part of what you can start to create once you have the tools and ease of using the different techniques :)  I know I am looking forward to applying all I am learning to other forms of art ... I am even applying some of the steps in my scrapbooking pages and hope to do more of that.  :)

Mixed Media Art Rocks ... so looking forward to taking Christy's "Behind the Art" Workshop in April (already signed up) really ready to learn more about the Mixed Media world and how to apply it to my art :)

Okay wanted to show you a little of what I have been doing lately ... back to my little studio ...
Cheers :)

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