Tuesday, July 3, 2007

my little bit of fun this weekend -

Here is a bit of my fun this weekend, I had a good time actually doing up this little layout of my niece Carys, though as usual it took me a while. You know I have to place things here, place things there, until it is just right haha.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada weekend, mine was full of activity and fun stuff. On Friday night I went out with some friends of mine to Oil City Roadhouse, a new country bar here in the city, thought why not maybe kick up my heels for a bit. Well it was a great place and I kicked up my heels for almost the full four hours we were there haha, blisters the next day to prove it haha. It was actually alot of fun to just dance the night away, I really can't remember the last time I did that. We will go back. Also we found this awesome find, a "cocktail" (as in Cruise) bartender in a country bar!! I think he was so happy when I asked him if he could mix me up a martini, he put on quite the show, and tossed, turned and flipped me a great drink - it was fun to watch him. I would love to go to a Flair competition - I love that kinda stuff, such talent.

On Saturday night my friend and her husband in Ardrossan invited us out in the evening for a bon fire, so my son, his girlfriend and I went out for the evening - again a great time. Played a little volleyball (well I tried haha) and then sat back and enjoyed good company and a roaring bon fire at the back of their acreage. It is very cool to - is that they are (well yesterday in fact) getting 3 Alpacas for their back lot, haha I was bugging them about starting their own petting zoo.

On Sunday Canada day - my son and I headed over to where my sister lives just off Whyte Ave here in the City, and spent the afternoon and evening with her. We did a lot of walking, went over to the Legislative grounds (well where we ended up) then walked all the way back, had a late supper, and then walked down the hill to go and watch the fireworks, I sure enjoyed them - up close and personal. So many people for sure, funny how we will put ourselves out for a 20-25 min show of sparkling lights isn't it haha.

On Monday I was beat, had blisters (from Friday and Sunday) back sore and aching all over, so took it pretty easy. Finished up the layout above, and then went in the late afternoon and met Dawn for a coffee, that was awesome. I was happy she accepted my invitation and hopefully we will be able to slip out in the future more and do that kind of thing.

I am so looking forward the the 13th - going to go a cropping again with a couple of the gals to Urban Scrapbooking, I had so much fun last time - and even if we do end up being a bit calmer haha, it is so much fun just spending some good quality time with friends.

Well that is my little speel for today, I had a great weekend and I am hoping all yours went well - take care!!

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Laura said...

hey Sherri, the layout looks good!!
Sounds like you've been having a good time and really enjoying life...good for you!! Hope all is well with you.
Take care.