Sunday, February 25, 2007

and a brand new day ...

Well woke earlier than I usually do on a weekend which is all fine as I thought I would pop into this blog, and do some posting. I am definitely a person who often never is at a loss for words haha so this could become addictive.

HHHmmmm we had some recent exciting news in the last week, my sister gave birth to my new niece! We were all a bit stressed about the whole process, my sister gets gestational diabetes when she gets pregnant, and this is her third - so in the end they were inducing the baby a little early so that doctor and specialist could be there - but all went well and mom and baby are doing great! I am excited to have a new niece on my side of the family, my sister Bel and I had boys, and though Barb has a boy and a girl right now on her husbands side there is only all boys so Hayley my niece was the only girl, now she has a sister! My sisters and myself are all close so we are happy that my little niece has someone who will be just as special in her life - we hope haha. Particulars:
Carys Taylor (pronounced Care and isss)
Born February 21, 2007 - 1:26 pm (BC time)
7 pds 8 ounces - 20.4 inches long

Welcome to the world Carys!!! I can't wait till I can make a trip to go and see them all.

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Laura said...

Congrats again on the birth of your niece. I know how you feel, until 2 years ago, the only niece I had was on my hubby's side and then my brother had a baby girl. It is a little bit different...not that you love them more and the others less, it's just a bit different I think.
Have a great Sunday.