Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Thinking about #the100dayproject ... my direction

So today is the official start day of #the100dayproject 2019 
The 100 Day project Website  

Lindsay Jean Thomson says this about the project:
"All around the world, thousands of folks are picking up their paint brushes, sitting down to write, and committing other acts of creativity and bravery.

We believe that spending even five or ten minutes a day to do something just because it brings you joy or challenges you or moves you towards a goal is radical. By making something every day, you are doing your part to make the world a more loving and vibrant place." 

 Last year my attempt at the project was doing Artist Trading Cards - I do believe I made it to about 60 - then my interest waned, life got busy, my creative drive took me in a different direction - and that was that. This year I wanted to open the box a bit more and give myself creative options so that I could join in the amazing connection I see from people all over the world, feeling like a part of it, a contributor to the idea - and at the same time enriching my life and learning along the way.

There are so many amazing challenges out there for people to take a part in - and it is fun to dip into this and that and play along. This year though I wanted to take this particular challenge and customize it to something that feeds my soul and passions. 

Learning about "Social Media"

I want to dedicate my #the100dayproject to learning more about how it can not only enrich our lives but open us up to a world of possibilities.

Learning about social platforms I already use - some I use much more - so to delve into what works for me "right now". How I can refresh my knowledge and find new ways to connect, promote, build.  

How I am going to track this progress on the project is still in the works - for now I am going to make a list of the platforms I want to improve upon and learn more about - dedicating the next 100 days to do so. 

1. Blogging
2. Instagram
3. Facebook
4. LinkedIn 

 This ties into my creative life passion - now and for future plans. And the best part is I can work all aspects of my creativity into this - art, food, gardening, business, and more. 

Excited to have settled on my path for this challenge.