Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamie Dougherty "Bloom Girls Creative Group"

Jamie Dougherty has a Bloom Girls Creative Group - which she has recently appointed a design team made up of very talented ladies - they have posted an August Challenge with an amazing colour palette.   Click on the link to see all the amazing talented designer takes on this challenge.  :)

I was working on my second month of her awesome course "Blooming through the Seasons"  and finishing that I was inspired to work with this palette also and draw a "Bloom Girl" that I have been thinking of trying, one with blowing hair.

So using the colours I have on hand in my Lycra Aqua Colours and my Derwent Inktense and Watercolour pencils I spent a lovely day drawing and then adding colour to my "Bloom Girl".

My Bloom Girl for the August Challenge 1 -

I really enjoyed this - to me it is amazing what I have learned in the last year - I have watched and learned from more than one teacher - all these amazing talented women have their own styles and techniques and it is a pleasure to learn and grow in my own style while watching them. 

I am loving this amazing "YEAR of Creativity"
Thanks for looking
Cheers :)