Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Doing some more Mixed Media work ...

Now I have been off and on sick for many weeks now ... seems like months actually and so my energy has been low to get creative, but about a few weeks back I decided since I missed my regular cropping time with my friend Dawn due to illness I was going to have her over for a creative Sunday afternoon ... It was really lovely to work away at home, though we didn't get to allot as much time as we do when we go to our Crop nights ... all good, have one coming up so looking forward to that!

Here is a couple pages I managed to create during that afternoon, and when I kept on going by myself in the evening:

Picture on this page:  Credit goes to a very talented artistic photographer named Kaylee Rose Waterfield - the picture itself is of someone close to my heart and I want to show the world how amazing and talented both these young ladies are.  Huge shout out to Kaylee and please go and check out her awesome new website Kay Rose Photo and Design (some parts of it still under construction but check out her facebook page - in her name link above too).

Butterflies: I actually was inspired by my friend Melanni when she on one of my Art pieces I created in her home, and I wanted a butterfly for my work ... she had a partially transparent gift bag that had butterflies all over it, she had received when she purchased something from a store.  She told me to cut one out and modge on my piece. It was so cool ... finished product (the canvas project)... so when I came home not having this cute bag I went to my local Dollar Store and I bought a couple Butterfly window stick ons ~ I seriously love the look on my projects.  As you can see I am partial to butterflies ha ha.

I also took a close up of the beaded paste that I used with a stencil - looks a lot more dimensional of course in real life ... but from the pictures below you can see a bit of the dimension the paste gave to the page.  (warning:  It took a long time to dry completely - and that was using a heat gun at first to have it set up a bit - literally to set hard a couple days.)

I am so enjoying applying the tissue and other elements to my page using the modge or decopage idea, I love that you can truly get all the creases and dimensions in there and love the layering look you can achieve.

I owe my new found love of mixed media and art journaling to Christy Tomlinson and her awesome workshops ... seriously if you haven't tried taking one of her workshop yet and you are at all interested in mixed media art they are awesome ... she is awesome ... such a real and down to earth teacher.    I am in the "Behind the Art" workshop happening right now ... but haven't gotten past the Welcome message because of dealing with being ill, but oh being in the facebook group for this course it is so exciting seeing all the inspiration and project coming out of this course already!  Can't wait to get started!  :)