Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Simply Suppers Experience !!!!!

Lordy knows I love to gab and this is so much fun building this little space, and getting so much inspiration in seeing what others have done with their spaces also. :)

I wanted to blab a bit about this recent awesome event I was introduced to called Simply Suppers by my good friend Kiera.

The website is www.simplysupper.ca
and basically it is a entree preparation evening. I know that really it has been a godsend for me, I am not a chef or would ever even claim that I like to cook at all. I have found in the last few years well I have just gotten plain bored with trying to come up with quick and easy and good meals to make for a starving teenager haha. When Kiera (did I mention she is my very good friend haha) told me about this entree or supper pre-preparation evening she was going to I was intrigued. So when she decided to do it again, I thought why not give it a try - I would never say it is for everyone, but here is what it has done for my little family:

- My son looks forward to supper again and so do I
- The ingredients are all fresh - I put them together myself so I can see exactly what goes into my food - and no preservatives!
- We have variation in our menu - get to try new things without the hassle of buying tonnes of extra ingredients that I may never again use
- It fits our time line, I am a full time working mom that gets home when dinner should be on the table, so the fact that most meals can be finished up in 30-45 mins is great timing for us
- The portions are generous - my son can have seconds (he is a good sized strapping teenager) and I also can still have lunch for the next day!
- It has sparked my imagination - so that the other nights when I haven't pulled out a simply suppers entree from the freezer - I am more apt to want to make supper, and see more options of what to make!

I really am enjoying trying this out - like I said it is not for everyone but has been awesome for our busy little family, and well worth it.

Again Thank You Kiera!!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

and a brand new day ...

Well woke earlier than I usually do on a weekend which is all fine as I thought I would pop into this blog, and do some posting. I am definitely a person who often never is at a loss for words haha so this could become addictive.

HHHmmmm we had some recent exciting news in the last week, my sister gave birth to my new niece! We were all a bit stressed about the whole process, my sister gets gestational diabetes when she gets pregnant, and this is her third - so in the end they were inducing the baby a little early so that doctor and specialist could be there - but all went well and mom and baby are doing great! I am excited to have a new niece on my side of the family, my sister Bel and I had boys, and though Barb has a boy and a girl right now on her husbands side there is only all boys so Hayley my niece was the only girl, now she has a sister! My sisters and myself are all close so we are happy that my little niece has someone who will be just as special in her life - we hope haha. Particulars:
Carys Taylor (pronounced Care and isss)
Born February 21, 2007 - 1:26 pm (BC time)
7 pds 8 ounces - 20.4 inches long

Welcome to the world Carys!!! I can't wait till I can make a trip to go and see them all.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well I guess we blog to connect more with ourselves and the people in our life that we care about? I am new to this form of sharing ideas, but I feel like my artform dear to my heart, scrapbooking, this is a creative process that enables us to share ourselves. So I am all up for trying something new, and for those that visit - I hope you have some fun enjoying my space.

Okay ready to try this all out ...

I was told that blogger was an excellent system to learn and start blogging on, so here I am. I am hoping to end up with a comfortable and fun looking page so that I can invite my friends and family to find out more about me and what I like, love, do and show off what my life is about so any suggestions and comments will be appreciated. :)